ESR Cayman ESG Report 2021

PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET Combatting COVID-19 together As a Group, we continue to take active measures to effectively respond to the pandemic, including enforcement of consistent cleaning and implementation of safe distancing measures in our assets and offices, adoption of flexible working arrangements, provision of mental well-being webinars, and supporting individuals especially hard hit by the pandemic in our communities. In Singapore, ESR-LOGOS REIT (formerly known as ESR-REIT) launched the COVID-19 Care Initiative in support of its F&B tenants, frontline heroes, senior citizens and low-income families in the community. F&B tenants had taken a hard hit with social restrictions, and we responded by purchasing cash vouchers to help provide a boost in sales. The vouchers were distributed to individuals affected by the pandemic with the help of Kembangan Chai Chee Community Centre. Managing Stress and Work-life Balance To help promote our colleagues’ health in mind and in body during a time when working from home sustained as a pattern, we delivered mental well-being webinars, including on the topics of mental wellness for parents who are working from home and learning to self-manage and stay recharged to avoid workplace burnout. Besides flexible working arrangements, we promote work-life balance in other areas such as family care leave, recreational facilities in the office, off-site staff bonding activities and official rest days. Two Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) were also launched in Australia and South Korea in 2021 and we are looking at implementing this in additional markets. ESR cares. We act on the thoughts of our people. MANAGING & DEVELOPING TALENT In last year’s report, we shared the launch and findings from our inaugural Group-wide Employee Engagement Survey. 517 respondents took part and overall findings revealed a +10.9 Net Promoter Score and high levels of confidence in ESR’s business strategy and leadership. We have also reviewed findings from the survey to help guide our talent management approach going forward. ESR appointed employee liaison representatives to identify priorities and recommend response actions. These employee liaison representatives then partnered with Country Heads and the Group HR team to put in place recommended actions in response to priority areas identified from the survey. The table below gives an overview of response actions implemented in 2021, with further details in the paragraphs that follow. Priority area identified from survey Response actions implemented in 2021 Communications • Launched Group-wide intranet, myESR • Organised 5 Townhall sessions Inclusion & Respect / Teamwork • Organised a webinar on Collaborating Across Culture on 21 May 2021 Career Development • Put in place structured performance review with target setting and formal annual review with focus on development areas Group photo of Mr Tan Chuan-Jin (Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore), Voucher recipients (frontline workers), ESR-LOGOS REIT - Ms Lyn Ong and Mr Adrian Chui ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 15 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC