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Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 SPACE AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE ESR Group Limited (Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability) Stock Code: 1821

VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC PILLAR 2: PROPERTY PORTFOLIO PILLAR 3: CORPORATE PERFORMANCE Contents ABOUT THIS REPORT 62 ESG Data Summary 74 Independent Assurance 76 HKEX and GRI Indices SPACE AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE ESG is deeply embedded within our corporate culture. As APAC’s leading New Economy real asset manager, we aspire to be thought leaders who proactively set the standard and lay the foundation for a sustainable future. Sustainability considerations are built into our core business activities, including investments, fund management and New Economy development through implementing best practices, setting up goals and monitoring performance. We seek to facilitate continuous improvement across each market where we operate and throughout each stage of the whole asset life cycle. 4 About ESR 6 Letter from our Chairman 7 Letter from our Group Co-founders & Co-CEOs 8 Our Sustainability Commitments 9 2022 ESG Achievements 10 ESG @ ESR 13 ESG in Action 18 Stakeholder Engagement 19 People are Our Greatest Asset 19 Safety, Health & Well-being 21 Managing & Developing Talent 23 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 24 Community Investment 27 Designed with Occupants in Mind 31 Sustainable & Efficient Operations 35 Sustainable Building Certifications 37 Climate Change Resilience 40 Flexible & Adaptable Properties 41 Strategic Locations 45 Corporate Governance 51 Risk Management & Compliance 56 Responsible Investment 58 Disclosure & Reporting 60 Supply Chain Management


VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 4 About ESR INVESTMENT Our investment platform includes completed properties held on our balance sheet, our co-investments in the funds and investment vehicles and the public REITs we manage, as well as other investments. FUND MANAGEMENT We manage a broad range of funds and investment vehicles that invest in a portfolio of premium real assets in various stages of the property life cycle, providing a single interface with multiple investment opportunities for our capital partners. NEW ECONOMY DEVELOPMENT Our New Economy development platform with an end-to-end integrated suite of technical capabilities and services covers every stage of the development cycle including land sourcing, design, construction and leasing. ESR is APAC’s largest real asset manager powered by the New Economy and the third largest listed real estate investment manager globally. With US$156 billion in total assets under management (AUM), our fully integrated development and investment management platform extends across key APAC markets, including China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, India, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, representing over 95% of GDP in APAC, and also includes an expanding presence in Europe and the U.S. We provide a diverse range of real asset investment solutions and New Economy real estate development opportunities across our private funds business, which allow capital partners and customers to capitalise on the most significant secular trends in APAC. ESR is the largest sponsor and manager of REITs in APAC with a total AUM of US$46 billion. Our purpose — Space and Investment Solutions for a Sustainable Future — drives us to manage sustainably and impactfully and we consider the environment and the communities in which we operate as key stakeholders of our business. Listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, ESR is a constituent of the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (Large Cap), Hang Seng Composite Index and MSCI Hong Kong Index. More information is available at Our activities encompass three core business areas:

US/EUROPE US$22billion AUM 1.6 million sqm GFA New Economy REITs Alternatives / Others GREATER CHINA US$33billion AUM 14.3 million sqm GFA SOUTH KOREA US$15billion AUM 5.8 million sqm GFA JAPAN US$34billion AUM 4.7 million sqm GFA APAC US$14billion AUM 2.4 million sqm GFA AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND US$25billion AUM 8.5 million sqm GFA SOUTHEAST ASIA US$11billion AUM 5.6 million sqm GFA INDIA US$2billion AUM 2.2 million sqm GFA OUR PAN-ASIAN NETWORK CONTINUES TO EXPAND Notes 1 Based on constant FX translation as of 31 December 2021 for a like-for-like comparison. Based on FX translation as of 31 December 2022, total AUM would be US$145 billion (US$11 billion FX translation impact), New Economy AUM would be US$68 billion (US$5 billion FX translation impact) and public REITs AUM would be US$45 billion (US$1 billion FX translation impact). 2 GFA of the enlarged Group, for assets in operations and under development across our portfolio, including land, as at 31 December 2022. 3 Headcount for the enlarged Group as at 31 December 2022, including both employees with direct and indirect employment relationship with the Group. VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 5 About ESR Gross Floor Area (GFA) Note 2 45 million sqm Headcount across the globe Note 3 2,000+ 36% SOUTHEST ASIA 35% GREATER CHINA 12% AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND 5% SOUTH KOREA 5% INDIA 4% US / EUROPE 3% JAPAN Headcount by region Total Assets Under Management (Total AUM) Note 1 US$156 billion

Doing what is right for the environment and the communities begins with each of us and the choices we make every day. At ESR Group, we believe that all aspects of the Environmental, Social and Governance areas are pivotal to the long-term success of our company and a key enabler to pre-empt and mitigate enterprise risk. As APAC’s largest real asset manager powered by the New Economy with US$156 billion of assets under management and APAC’s largest development workbook of US$11.9 billion, we see tremendous potential in our scale to drive sustainable returns for our investors, make a positive impact on the environment and build stronger communities where we operate. Driven by ESR’s core values to achieve long-term sustainable growth, our ESG strategy strives to address social and environmental challenges and create profound business opportunities. We do this by keeping abreast of evolving and changing expectations surrounding our investments, fund management and New Economy development businesses from our stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, business partners and tenants. We are proud to have a committed Board of Directors to drive overall stewardship and strategic direction to deliver on the Group’s ESG strategy. Within our ESG Framework, we focus on the areas where our business can have the greatest impact: operating within a Human Centric environment, creating space and investment solutions for a sustainable future within our Property Portfolio, and delivering outstanding Corporate Performance. With these in mind, we established our ESG 2025 Roadmap which has helped to navigate social and environmental challenges during and postCOVID era, and we are on track to achieve our targets as we continue to integrate ESG considerations in our business operations. In 2022, with the support of multiple stakeholders, we achieved great progress on our ESG initiatives, including the appointment of two new female independent non-executive directors, Serene Nah and Wei-Lin Kwee, while maintaining a diverse Board composition with the appropriate mix of gender, background and experience. As a result, 60% of our independent non-executive directors are women at the Board level. ESR also became a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). This reinforces our commitment to adopting and promoting responsible investment and asset management practices as part of the Group’s ongoing ESG efforts. With the successful acquisition of ARA Asset Management Limited (ARA), including its subsidiary LOGOS, in January 2022, we harnessed the expertise and synergies as a unified platform to drive business growth and amplify the impact of our best-in-class sustainability practices to create sustained value for our stakeholders. In response to the global challenges of climate change, we will continue to reduce our carbon footprint, increase renewable energy adoption, and pursue green building certifications. As part of the transition to a low carbon future, we will develop a Group-wide strategy to reach net zero across all asset classes with a clear path to achieve milestone targets in the medium and long-term. We will continue to emphasise accountability and transparency in our disclosures in alignment with global standards and I am proud that we are making a choice to raise the bar for ESG integration and deliver on our ESG 2025 Roadmap. This report demonstrates our continued ESG efforts that require collaboration, innovation and partnerships and I thank you for your interest to learn more about our approach to leading the way forward for a greener and more inclusive world. Jeffrey David Perlman Chairman 28 April 2023 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 6 Letter from our Chairman JEFFREY DAVID PERLMAN Chairman “At ESR Group, we believe that all aspects of the Environmental, Social and Governance areas are pivotal to the long-term success of our company and a key enabler to pre-empt and mitigate enterprise risk.”

ESG is deeply embedded within our corporate culture. As APAC’s leading New Economy real asset manager, we aspire to be thought leaders who proactively set the standard and lay the foundation for a sustainable future. Reflecting our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we identified 15 focus areas as part of our ESG Framework and Roadmap, to highlight the strategic importance and enhance the ESG value we deliver to our stakeholders. We are pleased to share that our first year as an enlarged Group has yielded commendable achievements in the pursuit of our ambitious ESG targets. Throughout the year, we focused on driving strategic initiatives to realise our environmental commitments, advance our social agenda, and strengthen our corporate performance. This report highlights our ESG performance and case studies on our approach to fulfil these commitments. Listed below are a few notable achievements during the year: • Testament to our ESG credentials, we secured approximately US$3 billion in Sustainability-Linked Loans across the enlarged Group, as we continued to integrate ESG considerations into our investment and asset management practices. • Recognition of our ESG performance in various leading global sustainability benchmarks and rankings — attaining outstanding results in the 2022 GRESB Assessment and achieving “A” in MSCI ESG Ratings and “Low Risk” in Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings. • As part of our decarbonisation efforts in the transition to a low-carbon future, we exceeded our target to increase solar power generation capacity, with the installation of approximately 100 MW of rooftop solar panels across our global portfolio of assets. • We pushed the boundaries of innovation to provide best-in-class real assets and solutions for our stakeholders, by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Some of these innovations include our first domestic rooftop solar project in China, the development of South Korea’s first hydrogen powered fulfilment centre, and our partnership with Enerbank to provide renewable energy certificates in Japan. Across the enlarged Group, 39% of our portfolio of completed directly managed assets were awarded sustainable building certifications and ratings. • To build a more inclusive and equitable workplace, we increased the proportion of female representation to approximately 45% and continued to foster a human centric environment in our design philosophy for our tenants across the Group. This is exemplified by the creation of nine BARNKLÜBB daycare centres at our distribution centres in Japan, to support employees and their families with greater flexibility and inclusiveness. • We are committed to investing in both our internal and external stakeholders, through employee training and development programmes, internship opportunities for local tertiary students, as well as offering scholarships to encourage and motivate students to achieve greater heights. These initiatives create a social multiplier effect which uplifts the communities we believe in developing. Going forward, we believe our enlarged Group can harness greater synergies and leverage on our expanded scale, offerings and capabilities to deliver meaningful and sustainable value for our stakeholders. We thank our Board of Directors for their leadership and strategic direction on ESG, and our management teams, staff, investors, business partners, customers and communities for their invaluable support as we continue our ESG journey. We hope that you will find our 2022 ESG Report informative and enjoyable to read. Together, we strive to be a leading provider of Space and Investment Solutions for a Sustainable Future. Stuart Gibson and Jinchu Shen Group Co-founders & Co-CEOs 28 April 2023 STUART GIBSON AND JINCHU SHEN Group Co-founders & Co-CEOs VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 7 Letter from our Group Co-founders & Co-CEOs “Throughout the year, we focused on driving strategic initiatives to realise our environmental commitments, advance our social agenda, and strengthen our corporate performance.”

8 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 Our Sustainability Commitments SPACE AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE EMBRACING DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT APPROACH Build assets in strategic locations, with a sustainability focus on site selection, efficient design, green construction and energy-efficient operations. Conduct engagement initiatives with our stakeholders such as investors, business partners, tenants, and communities to elevate our deliverables. Maintain a safe working environment by achieving zero ESR workforce fatalities and promoting the holistic well-being of our people. Enhance community involvement and philanthropic activities through a series of planned events involving our stakeholders. Commit to fostering workplaces embracing diversity that are free from discrimination, and achieve a gender ratio target as part of the overall diversity, equity & inclusion plan with monitoring actions and progress. Uphold the highest standards of corporate governance throughout the enlarged Group, with strong core values and business ethics.

CORPORATE PERFORMANCE 1 Refers to employees with direct employment relationship with the enlarged Group as at December 2022. 2 Refers to ESR Group’s employees. 3 Across the enlarged Group as at December 2022, comprising completed projects in 2022 and planned projects within first half of 2023. 4 Solar power generation from approx. 85 MW of installed capacity that are completed and fully operational as at 31 December 2022. 5 Based on the GFA of certified completed directly managed assets (approx. 10.6 million sqm), divided by total GFA of completed directly managed assets (approx. 27.3 million sqm). VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 9 2022 ESG Achievements Significant progress has been made based on our ESG 2025 Roadmap, which was launched in November 2020. Some key achievements for 2022 (reporting period) are outlined as follows: HUMAN CENTRIC PROPERTY PORTFOLIO ~ 45% Female representation at ESR1 60% Independent Nonexecutive Directors are women (i.e., 3 female directors) at Board level 24 Assets achieved WELL Health-Safety Rating in South Korea representing approximately 1.8 million sqm in GFA Inclusion As part of corporate core values as an enlarged Group to strengthen diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace Zero ESR workforce fatalities2, with ongoing ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) certification for ESR Data Centres, in addition to ISO 45001 obtained under ARA Property Management ~ 100 MW Installed rooftop solar power capacity across the enlarged Group3 > 314,000 GJ Rooftop solar power generated4 during the year 39%5 Of the Group’s portfolio of completed directly managed assets awarded sustainable building certifications and ratings, representing approx. 10.6million sqm in GFA 631 EV charging stations installed across the Group’s portfolio of assets Hydrogen JV with SK Plug Hyverse and Coupang Fulfilment Services to develop Mokcheon LP into South Korea’s first hydrogen powered facility Net Zero Carbon On track to develop Net Zero strategy and decarbonisation roadmap as part of the Group’s Net Zero Carbon commitment 37 Private funds and REITs participated in the 2022 GRESB Assessment, with outstanding results ESG Ratings MSCI “A” Sustainalytics “Low Risk” ~ US$3 billion Sustainability-Linked Loans (SLLs) raised across the enlarged Group to date UN PRI Became a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) in June 2022 Training Launched a series of comprehensive compliance online modules for all staff on topics relating to compliance, risk management and ESG

VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 10 ESG @ ESR ESG considerations are integrated into every aspect of our business through proactive decision-making. We strive to achieve our ESG objectives while keeping in mind our stakeholders’ expectations and incorporate ESG factors into our business operations. Sustainability considerations are built into our core business activities, including investments, fund management and New Economy development through implementing best practices, setting up goals and monitoring performance. We seek to facilitate continuous improvement across each market where we operate and throughout each stage of the whole asset life cycle. A comprehensive ESG investment checklist, approved by the Investment Committee, was established in January 2022. This checklist is an assessment of ESG requirements by fund investors covering: climate-related risks, building certifications, renewable energy adoption, indoor environmental quality, material sourcing and sustainable procurement, building technical assessments and environmental management systems, energy, water and waste management efficiencies and occupier considerations, amongst other factors, where applicable. In addition, ESR utilises a proprietary database for climate risk assessments in accordance with the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Framework and appoints third-party consultants to conduct specific ESG due diligence including soil and site studies for construction and industrial waste management channels. INVESTMENT IDENTIFICATION MONITORING & REPORTING DUE DILIGENCE PERMIT APPROVALS ASSET DEVELOPMENT ASSET MANAGEMENT KLÜBB Lounge, ESR Yokohama Sachiura Distribution Centre 1, Japan

VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 11 ESG @ ESR ESG FRAMEWORK Our ESG Framework organises material ESG topics of our business into 15 focus areas under three key pillars: Human Centric, Property Portfolio and Corporate Performance. Each focus area has accompanying strategic initiatives and targets that are monitored, measured and reported on an annual basis. This report provides an overview of our management approach, as well as an update on our performance during the year. CORPORATE PERFORMANCE HUMAN CENTRIC PROPERTY PORTFOLIO Basic human needs are universal. As we strive to create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all employees, customers, suppliers and communities, meeting those needs today while ensuring they can be met in the future is the cornerstone of sustainable development. Focus Areas • Stakeholder Engagement • Safety, Health & Well-being • Managing & Developing Talent • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion • Community Investment Sustainability is central to our mission because we aspire to improve the environmental prospects of our planet. We are committed to environmental stewardship by developing and maintaining sustainable and efficient buildings. Focus Areas • Sustainable & Efficient Operations • Sustainable Building Certifications • Climate Change Resilience • Flexible & Adaptable Properties • Strategic Locations Strong corporate performance is the foundation upon which we will achieve sustained and balanced growth giving rise to stable and dependable returns over the long-term. We embrace the highest standards of governance and ethics in all aspects of business conduct. Focus Areas • Corporate Governance • Risk Management • Responsible Investment • Disclosure & Reporting • Supply Chain Management SUPPORTING THE UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS Our Vision for Sustainable Development and ESG Framework are aligned to six of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations 2030 Agenda, as well as the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). Both the SDGs and UN PRI help to guide our business strategies towards sustainability and achieve our overall mission. GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING GENDER EQUALITY DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE CLIMATE ACTION

ESR Group Double Materiality Matrix Impact on enterprise value High Low 6 2 1 12 11 8 9 7 13 14 15 4 5 3 10 High Impact on society and the environment Human Centric (Social) 1. Stakeholder Engagement 2. Safety, Health & Well-being 3. Managing & Developing Talent 4. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 5. Community Investment Property Portfolio (Environmental) 6. Sustainable & Efficient Operations 7. Sustainable Building Certifications 8. Climate Change Resilience 9. Flexible & Adaptable Properties 10. Strategic Locations Corporate Performance (Governance) 11. Corporate Governance 12. Risk Management 13. Responsible Investment 14. Disclosure & Reporting 15. Supply Chain Management VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 12 ESG @ ESR MATERIALITY Understanding perspectives from our key stakeholders is critical to aligning our ESG efforts with their expectations. We conducted an updated assessment of our material ESG factors to reflect the evolving trends and market practices. The comprehensive process included obtaining an understanding of global trends, performing an internal business review and applying the double materiality approach, taking into account both impact materiality and financial materiality. Around 30 senior management and ESG representatives across various functions within the Group, representing both internal and external stakeholders including employees, tenants, investors, capital partners, suppliers, contractors, communities and regulators participated in the materiality workshop which was facilitated by an external consultant. The conclusion of the workshop provided an updated set of 15 material ESG factors which were prioritised and adopted as the Group’s focus areas. Recognising the relevance of suppliers to our business, “Supply Chain Management” was added as a new material factor under our ESG Framework.

Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 13 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ESG in Action At the forefront of driving change and integrating ESG into our business, we undertook numerous initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment. We built a resilient portfolio which incorporates ESG considerations into the design, construction and management of our assets. Key development features were aligned with the focus areas under the Group’s ESG Framework. Stakeholder Engagement 20-month build project in collaboration with leading local partners: • Shiohama Industry Corporation (Architect and Contractor) • Takato Tamagami Architectural Design, Ltd. (Amenity Space Designer) • Seismic structure specialist and interior designer involved Sustainable Building Certifications Received the following sustainability credentials certified by leading industry bodies: • Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE A Rank) • BELS 5 stars (Building-Housing Energy-Efficiency Labelling System) • Zero-emission building (ZEB) Strategic Locations Exceptional access to Yokohama City within close proximity to a wide range of 3PLs, importers, exporters manufacturers and strategically located near the Tokyo International Airport Sustainable & Efficient Operations Full array of sustainable features to mitigate environmental impact including: • Energy-saving features • On-site solar power generation of 5 MW • Preserved gantry crane as industrial heritage • Individual work booth under COVID Flexible & Adaptable Properties Four-storey distribution centre epitomising the highest specifications for modern logistics: • 5.5m clear height, maximum 6.4m at the fourth floor • 2.0/1.5 tonnes/sqm floor loading • Seismic base isolation structure • Ocean view and panoramic view of Mount Fuji Reporting & Disclosure Part of ESR’s Redwood Japan Logistics Fund II Limited Partnership and RJLF 3 Co-Investment Platform, which both rated 5-Star in GRESB’s 2022 Development category. They were ranked 2nd and 3rd out of 25 peers within Industrial Asia ESR YOKOHAMA SACHIURA DISTRIBUTION CENTRE 2 We established a new standard for contemporary, durable and sustainable New Economy real estate with the completion of ESR Yokohama Sachiura Distribution Centre 2 in Greater Tokyo, Japan. This asset is located within the ESR Yokohama Sachiura Logistics Park, a multi-phase development with approximately 750,000 sqm of logistics space to be developed over four phases, and the park is set to be the largest logistics park (by value) in Japan and in APAC upon completion. In addition, the Group revitalised a 7,000 sqm degraded urban forest at ESR Yokohama Sachiura DC 1&2 to conserve the natural environment for a rich mix of flora and wildlife. In addition, greenery playground equipment was erected to further improve the forest’s natural and pleasant atmosphere, which will be available to the local community in the future.

VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 14 ESG in Action ARA: LAZADA ONE In 2020, ARA and Chelsfield jointly redeveloped Lazada One, an eleven-storey commercial building in Singapore with a S$385.8 million green loan from DBS Bank and United Overseas Bank to finance the acquisition and asset enhancement. Smart technology, eco-friendly features and green spaces were incorporated as part of the asset enhancement initiatives to improve energy efficiency and enhance occupant well-being. In recognition of our improvement in environmental performance during the reporting period, Lazada One obtained the Green Mark Platinum, the highest accolade awarded by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore. Stakeholder Engagement Implemented environmental stewardship initiatives by engaging tenants and suppliers on the following: • Sustainable Policies • Green Procurement Policy • Green Education Corners • Monthly community programmes and activities for tenants to cultivate a healthy and active lifestyle Sustainable Building Certifications Awarded the BCA Green Mark Platinum award, the highest green building rating from BCA for buildings demonstrating high environmental performance with energy and water savings, environmentally sustainable building practices, as well as green and innovative features Strategic Locations Strategically located in Singapore’s established commercial district and near public transportation networks, providing accessibility and minimising environmental footprint for tenants Sustainable & Efficient Operations Full array of sustainable elements features to mitigate environmental impact including: • Building facade fins that reduce solar radiation, contributing to ~40% reduction in electricity consumption • High-efficiency artificial lighting system (LED) at common areas • Recycling and electric vehicle charging facilities • CO sensors for carpark mechanical ventilation system • Variable speed drives for water-cooled chiller systems • NEWater as alternative water source for cooling tower make-up, hosereel and sprinkler tanks • Variable speed drives for air handling units and mechanical ventilation systems • Carbon dioxide sensors for air handling units to optimise indoor air quality • Vertical planter at rooftop to improve air quality and enhance biodiversity • Landscape irrigation system to improve water efficiency Flexible & Adaptable Properties Deployed smart technologies to reduce material degradation and maximise flexibility and well-being of our occupants: • Lift systems with variable voltage variable frequency and sleep mode • Occupancy sensors at toilets, staircases, and pantry areas • Use of smart mobile app to provide contactless turnstile access into building Reporting & Disclosure To meet the rigorous BCA Green Mark recertification criteria, the property management team actively monitors and tracks the environmental performance of the building and explore the adoption of green building technologies to improve the energy and water efficiencies

VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 15 Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 ESG in Action Sustainable Building Certifications • Two completed warehouses within the Estate achieved a 5 star Green Star Design & As Built rating for efficient building design and construction, while two other warehouses under development are also targeting the same rating • The estate is also targeting a 5 star Green Star Communities rating illustrating our sustainability initiatives implemented at the estate level Sustainable & Efficient Operations • All warehouses in the estate were built to Green Star standards emphasising on energy and water efficiency • Lower energy use than the minimum National Construction Code (NCC) compliant building achieved through energy efficient features such as efficient lighting system, access to daylight, double glazed façade to office areas • Increased reduction in water usage of the buildings than standard practice building achieved through installation of Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rated water fixtures, capture and use of rainwater for flushing and irrigation • A network of comprehensive energy and water metering to track and monitor the usage of energy and water end-uses • Recycled 99.6% of demolition waste material in the development phase of the project, which exceeded our initial target to divert at least 97% of the demolition waste from landfill by recycling and reusing • Included recycled glass within our road pavement mix and used recycled concrete pipework in our subdivision Flexible & Adaptable Properties • Aligned with Green Star requirements and the TCFD reporting framework, climate change risk assessments were carried out to identify climate related physical risks • Climate Change Adaptation Plans (CCAP) were developed to mitigate the risks and bring down the residual risk rating to an acceptable level Strategic Locations Conveniently located with easy access to local amenities and public transport, and connectivity to major road networks Reporting & Disclosure The estate is part of LOGOS’ LAIV2 fund, which will be participating in its first Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) assessment in 2023 Stakeholder Engagement • Collaborated with different social enterprises to establish the best practice for social sustainability initiatives, including engaging Yurringa, a social procurement business specialising in work placements for indigenous people • Through securing a social enterprise operator, L’Arte Central and employing National Disability Insurance Scheme recipients, there are plans to build an estate café to provide hospitality industry experience to such individuals • A café is currently under construction to be available to the general public in addition to the occupants of the estate LOGOS: BROADMEADOWS LOGISTICS ESTATE IN AUSTRALIA Located 15 kilometres north of the Melbourne CBD, Broadmeadows Logistics Estate is a 250,000 sqm premium site with expected completion in 2023. This development will comprise approximately 127,000 sqm of sustainable, high quality and efficient space integrated with state-of-the-art technology. In line with the Group’s sustainable commitments, the development boasts numerous sustainability features and is targeting a 5 star Green Star Communities rating, which will be a first for the industrial sector in Australia. This property includes an on-site cafe, substantial car parking space and easy access to public transport and local retail amenities, thereby optimising flexibility, connectivity and a sense of community for our occupants. Key sustainability initiatives include:

PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC KLÜBB Lounge, ESR Yokohama Sachiura Distribution Centre 2, Japan

17 Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC Focus Areas 2025 Targets & Goals Status Stakeholder Engagement Develop and launch tenant engagement initiatives with monitoring and follow-up actions from the Tenant Engagement Surveys Tenant Engagement Surveys were conducted across our asset portfolio to improve building management and performance. From the results of the surveys, tenant engagement initiatives such as improving environmental awareness, health, safety and well-being continue to be implemented to improve overall tenant satisfaction. Our senior management were engaged in a materiality assessment exercise on the prioritisation of ESG topics during the reporting period. See page 12 for details. Safety, Health & Well-being Zero workforce fatalities in ESR This target was achieved in 2022 for ESR Group employees. Managing & Developing Talent Develop and launch employee engagement initiatives with monitoring and follow up actions Continued efforts were made through the implementation of employee engagement initiatives such as “Inclusion & respect/teamwork” and “Communications”. See page 21 for details. We have set up a dedicated Talent Management and Learning team within the Group HR function as an independent Centre of Excellence. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 40% overall female participation in our workforce by 2025 In 2022, the gender ratio of women among all employees with direct employment relationship with the enlarged Group is 45%, up from 38% in 2021. For ESR standalone1, the gender ratio is approximately 39%. 60% of our independent non-executive directors are women. Community Investment Launch ESR Community Engagement Programme Work in progress — We have ongoing plans to establish an ESR Foundation. We are implementing 2 days of volunteer leave for all employees of the Group to encourage volunteerism and cultivate an engaged workforce. 1 Refers to the ESR entities, excluding ARA and LOGOS. Human Centric The first Pillar of our ESG Framework: Human Centric focuses on the social aspect of our operations, covering areas relating to both our internal and external stakeholders. KLÜBB Lounge, ESR Yatomi Kisosaki Distribution Centre

18 Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder engagement is integral to the way we do business. We maintain close connections with our stakeholders, both internal and external, to achieve shared business goals that align with our core values. Constructive engagement and long-term relationships are integral to our business that enables us to pursue continuous improvement. We listen to and reflect upon the views of key stakeholder groups, consider the performance of our peers and keep abreast on the latest developments and technologies relevant to our industry to sustain our competitive advantage in the market. EMPLOYEES ESR values our workforce, as it is key to propelling the business forward and achieving major operational milestones. Our people have been and continue to be fundamental to the resilience and agility of the Group. Attracting and retaining the right talent is crucial to our continued success. Three out of the five focus areas in the Human Centric pillar of our ESG Framework address various aspects of human resource management, including Safety, Health & Well-being, Managing & Developing Talent and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We engage our employees through various channels — including Employee Engagement Surveys, myESR Intranet, Townhall sessions, Coffee and Learn sessions, In-Conversation sessions with our Group Co-founders and Co-CEOs and CSR initiatives with our senior management teams. TENANTS 3PL and e-Commerce businesses account for approximately 64% of our tenant base. The remainder comprises brick-and-mortar retailers, manufacturers, cold-chain logistics and others. The commonality of all of the highly valued tenants mentioned is the need to be closely connected to their customers in order to operate highly efficient supply chains. Our role is to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to enable our tenants to meet this need. Property managers at ESR are responsible for upholding the highest standards expected of our facilities throughout the region. They engage tenants and liaise closely with vendors in our managed properties to oversee security, cleaning, repairs and other maintenance. In addition to routine meetings, we also obtain tenant feedback through surveys, 24/7 call centres to address their needs and hosting community events. All asset managers are equipped with operational expertise with their individual performance linked to sustainability indicators of their buildings, which they work closely with the tenants to achieve such objectives. Other ongoing engagement initiatives were carried out during the year including our continued partnership with Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (under Pillar 1: Human Centric p.20), Lunar New Year activities for office tenants, festival social activities (i.e. Mid-Autumn Festival and International Women’s Day), the launch of a food truck service, regular celebrations at park premises and conducting third-party tenant satisfaction surveys. INVESTORS AND CAPITAL PARTNERS ESR has developed longstanding relationships with several of the world’s largest and leading pension and sovereign wealth funds. We cultivate strong and sustainable relationships with our investors and capital partners, including shareholders, analysts and fund managers, by providing regular and relevant information on corporate and business developments. We also recognise the increasing demands from these stakeholders for comprehensive disclosure on ESG-related risks and opportunities, particularly those related to climate change. Apart from regular updates via our press releases, ESR’s website and social media, ESG and Annual Reports and our participation in globally recognised ESG benchmarks such as GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), we have additional engagement channels such as investor meetings and roadshows, quarterly reporting updates, Annual General Meetings and announcements posted on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. COMMUNITIES Contributing positively to the sustainable development of the communities is integral to our corporate vision. As part of our ESG Framework, we established a goal in creating a coordinated Group-wide Community Engagement Programme that will tie various initiatives from our local offices together into a coherent approach. SUPPLIERS AND CONTRACTORS ESR seeks to engage and work with our suppliers and contractors (collectively referred to as “Suppliers”) to adhere to high standards of ESG for their products and services. Specifically, we expect our Suppliers to uphold business integrity principles including business conduct, fair competition and confidentiality, amongst other factors. On social related areas, our Suppliers are also expected to respect basic human rights, prohibit modern slavery and discrimination and uphold health and safety standards. On the environment front, our Suppliers should comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations and minimise the environmental impact from their activities. REGULATORS The Group is subject to the applicable laws and regulations of the various jurisdictions where we operate and robust policies and procedures are put in place to facilitate the compliance with those regulations. We do not tolerate any breach in regulatory compliance and work closely with external legal professionals and internal compliance teams on legal and regulatory matters. Furthermore, the Group engages regulators to stay informed of the latest developments on regulatory issues, and implements regular compliance training and updates to the employees.

19 Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC People are Our Greatest Asset People are our greatest asset, as we are not able to achieve our success without their unwavering support. We continue to expand our efforts to prioritise employee well-being and development and enhance collaboration across the enlarged Group. To promote a safe environment for our employees, we ensure full compliance with the relevant employment and occupational health and safety laws and regulations in all jurisdictions where we operate in. SAFETY, HEALTH & WELL-BEING We are committed to providing a safe workplace and promoting a holistic well-being for our staff through a healthy work-life balance. We also actively engage our employees across multiple levels to reinforce that health and safety are a shared responsibility. Policies are in place at the Group level on our Intranet such as the “Employee Health and Safety”, the “No Violence Workplace” sections under the Group HR Policy and the Discrimination and Harassment sections from our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics to clearly outline appropriate behaviour at the workplace. We have included local company policies and operating practices addressing health, safety and well-being to cater to local contexts. All employees must follow company policies and guidelines from the Group Human Resource and Compliance Departments. If an employee identifies a potential hazard, they are required to raise the issue to their manager or HR without delay. We recognise that mental health and well-being are core enablers of organisational performance. To promote these across the Group, we organised various online and interactive health and well-being initiatives such as Workplace Well-being Talks on Managing Personal Resilience and sports tournaments across our regions (i.e. soccer competition in Australia and pedal workout in Singapore). Employee benefits were also enhanced including parental leave in Australia and improving employee health plans in India. At our premises, we strive to incorporate recreational facilities, break-out areas, pantries stocked with healthy foods and improved access to nature via green trails. Our commitment to health and safety is evident through the creation of the new ESR Group Health and Safety role, which was announced at the end of this reporting year. This provides the opportunity to scale-up from our existing and well-developed expertise and integrate the management of health and safety risks consistently across our Group, while complying with all health and safety regulations and training requirements. Our Data Centre team commenced the development of the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management Framework during the reporting period. This framework seeks to align with the ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 international standards on occupational health and safety and environmental management system. The EHS Management Framework will support the active engagement of our people and partners to better understand EHS hazards and the means by which we mitigate EHS risk. Ongoing EHS practices are in place and will be integrated into the EHS Management Framework. This includes regular EHS inspections, considerations to EHS impacts on our projects and the sharing of best practices and lessons learnt across the Group to minimise potential incidents. At the business unit level, our property and project managers are required to attend occupational first aid, CPR, AED and the Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) training courses to equip themselves with the skills to be in-house first responders. Specifically for our property development teams, there are established worksite safety programmes such as fire drills to enhance emergency preparedness. There are measures in place on the oversight of the general contractor and related service providers, so that full responsibility is taken for the entire site and they are in compliance with local building and safety regulations. This includes monitoring the number and status of contractors at all sites, conducting periodic meetings to discuss related risks and ensuring that emergency training is conducted. We also work closely with our supply chain to ensure that employees of our contractors are provided with acceptable standards of safety and health protection as specified in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

20 Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC ESR Bucheon Logistics Park, South Korea People are Our Greatest Asset Championing mental health and well-being within the industry — ESR Australia continues its partnerships with Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds The health and well-being of workers within the road transport, warehousing and logistics industries continue to be a priority for ESR Australia. Through our ongoing partnership with Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (HHTS), we delivered a consistent message to our stakeholders on the importance of mental health awareness. ESR Australia actively promotes the understanding of mental health well-being and awareness with our stakeholders by fostering on-site discussions utilising expert tools provided by HHTS. One of the key milestone events was the inaugural “R U OK? Day in Trucks and Sheds” held in May 2022. Through the continued use of digital channels, a broader customer base was reached to help spread critical messages that were significant to this cause. This encompassed promoting healthy eating and fostering a health-conscious lifestyle. For the upcoming year, ESR Australia remains committed to continuing the partnership. This includes participation in the HHTS Roadshow and a touring mental health outreach programme to organise visits to our estates by a team of mental health professionals providing attentive on-site support. The planned initiatives continue to help support the wider business focus on delivering estates that put people first and allow others to thrive. ESR’s efforts in building awareness on critical health and safety issues to owners and operators have been recognised. In South Korea, 24 assets representing approximately 1.8 million sqm have achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). The WELL Health-Safety Rating entails a third-party review process, including evaluation of cleaning and sanitisation procedures, emergency preparedness programmes, air and water quality management, stakeholder engagement and communication and innovation. This certification demonstrates our commitment to the health and well-being of our tenants. We believe in the sharing of best practices across our regions and continue to strive for achieving additional WELL Health-Safety Rating certifications or equivalents in other regions as well. We also seek to comply with all local health and safety regulations and safety training requirements.

21 Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC People are Our Greatest Asset MANAGING & DEVELOPING TALENT ESR cares. We act on the thoughts of our people. We continue our employee engagement efforts to address priority areas such as “Inclusion & respect/teamwork” and “Communications”, identified from our latest inaugural Group-wide Employee Engagement Survey. Inclusion & respect/teamwork ESR values people and the diversity represented by our staff. A number of employee bonding activities were organised during the reporting period to promote team building and networking sessions within the enlarged Group. We held our first Durian Fiesta for all Singapore-based staff in July 2022, allowing our colleagues across the Group to meet and mingle after two years of remote working. Group Co-founder and Co-CEO, Jinchu Shen, hosted the event and brought together more than 200 staff members from our ESR Singapore, ARA, LOGOS and ESR-LOGOS REIT offices to enjoy a variety of durians, tropical fruit and chilled coconut juices. The event was a great opportunity to network with colleagues in-person post COVID and get to know colleagues outside of work. In addition to the Durian Fiesta, we also held regular and informal staff gatherings and team bonding activities such as sports tournaments, year-end celebrations and teambuilding workshops across the Group. Year-end party in Singapore Apart from employee bonding activities, we also organised four Breakfast Sessions with HR. They were held in view of the enlarged Group to allow new ARA HR colleagues to meet with the ESR HR team. In addition, an Inaugural Townhall for the enlarged Group was held, both in-person and online, for all ESR staff in March 2022. More than 500 colleagues participated in the hybrid event, including 80 Singapore-based colleagues who attended in-person at Suntec Convention Centre and more than 400 colleagues who participated virtually from across the globe including Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the United States. During the Townhall, our Chairman, Group Co-founders and Co-CEOs as well as the CEO of ARA, outlined the focus for the enlarged Group’s journey ahead, including priorities for the next 12 months, as well as our longer-term goals. The Townhall included an interactive Q&A segment, during which our senior leaders addressed questions and concerns raised by our colleagues. Communications Employee engagement and communication are core priorities for our leadership. As part of ESR Group’s employee outreach and engagement, our Group Co-founders and Co-CEOs along with HR, hosted a series of networking sessions with ARA senior members and colleagues. Through these sessions, our Group Co-founders and Co-CEOs shared their strategic direction of the company and provided opportunities to staff to discuss their thoughts and latest challenges. Both sides also exchanged notes on the latest market trends and the sessions were well received. Engagement session with Group Co-founder & Co-CEO, Stuart Gibson