Case Study

Family-friendly Spaces Boosting Workplace Productivity


In Japan, the lack of quality child-care facilities is a challenge to many of our partners in terms of growing businesses and improving the wellbeing of their employees.

In recent years we have come up with an innovative solution. In each of our distribution centres exceeding 100,000 sqm, we have decided to establish bright and aesthetically equipped kids clubs, known as “BARNKLÜBB”. Run by licensed day-care providers, these facilities offer convenient and high quality services that are free-of-charge for employees of our tenants. Not only do they help our customers attract and retain the talent they need – particularly working mothers – but also increase the productivity of their workforce.

To extend the benefits of these facilities to others in the community, we operate an online system for parents in the local area to reserve surplus spaces on a first-come first-served basis. In 2018, ESR Japan received the Social and Environmental Contribution award from British Business Awards in recognition of its commitment to enhancing the workplace environment and supporting mothers to re-enter the workforce.