Case Study

Supporting Good Quality Education for All


ESR has founded, in conjunction with the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, the Qin Fund to fulfil its mandate of expanding access to modern educational opportunities for children in rural China.

The national initiative spans 13 provinces and municipalities, raising funds and coordinating resources to create “future classrooms” in rural communities. Our staff volunteers have helped to construct five classrooms utilising the latest technologies and digital resources, and participated in office charity events to raise money for classroom equipment.

These facilities are helping to equip more than 3,000 students with essential skills for employability in the future economy. The fund also provides teachers from participating schools with tools, materials and training for technology uptake. In 2019, it hosted its second Principals’ Forum attended by representatives from all over the nation, and launched a new “5C” future classroom curriculum.

In addition, ESR also supports other community initiatives in China such as the Guangci Disabled Children’s Welfare Institute for abandoned and disabled children. When young residents become old enough to leave the orphanage and work on their own, the Institute provides employment training at its own bakery – where young adults learn critical work skills that will help them find future employment.